About us

Steelways Nigeria limited was established over four decades ago with the primary objective of enhancing the technological development in the Construction, Oil and Gas and Power Industries. The company has expanded into the Telecoms and Maritime sectors and has become a valuable and respected contributor to the devel­opment of the country’s economy. Our technological experience in the field strengthened our ability to offer a comprehensive and professional service in planning, design and execution of unlimited range of projects to our numerous clients with great satisfaction adopting full Quality Assurance measures.

Our standards

Steelways performance is measured against International standards across all our business activities. We possess profound knowledge of operating in Nigeria and have deep local experience. Our track record of numerous projects executed successfully over the many years is a testimony of our professionalism and integrity. With Dockyard facilities, Modern Equipment, Experienced Engineers and Highly Skilled Manpower, we are able to handle various proj­ects of complex detail in our sectors all across the Nation.

We are committed and have implemented the highest levels in health and safety regulations. We believe in the protection of our environment and the welfare of our workforce and uphold high expectations for teamwork, loyalty and integrity.

OUR work

In this modern age and fast paced business world we live in; the need for up to date and diverse services is required. At Steelways, we are able to tailor meet your needs beyond our traditional scope of works. Being a company with a long history and entrenchment in Nigeria, we are able to fulfill your requirements in any field and industry. Those extra services could range from security, logistics, warehousing to financial consultancy, real estate and investment advice.
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